At CanterWorks Dressage, LLC, we focus on developing horses using the principles of classical dressage. We feel it is important to train the horses in a way that strengthens them both mentally and physically. Not only should the horse learn to trust the rider, but he should also feel confident in his work so that he wants to perform for his rider. For this reason, Katie creates a diverse work program that includes dressage exercises in the arena, gymnastic work with cavalettis, and hacking.

Lessons are focused on teaching riders how to be fair and compassionate trainers for their own horses. An emphasis is put on learning correct equitation so that riders can develop subtle and effective aids. Riders are taught not only how to ride but also riding theory. Our goal is to help students learn how to ride with feel and purpose.

Regional Championships 2016. Photo by Brianna Imlah.
Training with JJ Tate and Charles de Kunffy. Photo by Richard Malmgren.

CanterWorks Dressage, LLC offers a variety of lesson packages and services to meet your needs. Please contact Katie for additional information and pricing.

  • 45 Minute Private Lesson
  • Monthly Partial Training Package
  • Monthly Full Training Package
  • There are no lesson horses available at this time

Additional Services

  • Show Coaching
  • Assist in Sales

Katie spends the winter months training and showing in Wellington, Florida. Contact Katie if you are interested in training or lessons in Florida.

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